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    Pension Loan

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    Get Cash using a Pension LoanPension Loan

    If you are below retirement age and in need of cash, have you considered a pension loan?

    The initial benefits of a pension loan are:

    • Near instant access to £1,000’s in cash
    • Free pension review with no hidden fees or costs
    • 100% confidential
    • No obligation​
    • Takes minutes

    We all encounter unexpected costs from time to time, from accidental property damage to the requirement for a new vehicle. And if you’ve been paying into a pension then you could actually use some of it as a pension loan to solve some or all of your financial problems.

    What is a pension loan?

    A pension loan carries no interest, so in the traditional sense of a loan it’s not quite the same. But it does still involve the use of funds from within your pension fund.

    How does a pension loan work?

    The process is quite simple and perfectly legal, by moving your pension funds into a trust. A trust that you control.

    We can introduce you to an FCA registered pension expert who will take the time to first understand your personal circumstances, explain your options and then if appropriate help you access cash from your pension using a pension loan.

    Interested? Contact us today by completing the form on the right and we will get in touch.

    Free Pension Review

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    Am I eligible?

    Are you still wondering; “am I eligible to take a pension loan?” If so, why not contact us today to receive more information.

    Find out how much cash you can receive from a pension loan today.