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    Sell My Pension

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    Sell My Pension

    The principals behind “sell my pension” are quite simple. You exchange a future stream of monthly income for an instant one-time payment direct into your bank or building society.

    Why would I sell my pension?

    There are a thousand reasons, from wanting an upfront payment of money rather than a monthly payment, or for example, you may want to:

    • Expand or start a business
    • Pay off your debts (always a good idea)
    • Buy a holiday home
    • Buy a car
    • Book the holiday-of-a-lifetime whilst you can still enjoy it

    On the other side of the coin you may simply want to move your pension to a higher yielding fund, especially if after the pension review you find that your current pension fund is under-performing.

    Our FCA registered pension experts will guide you through the process, whilst considering alternative options that might suit your circumstances.

    Once you are happy with the advice we have provided and you have decided to progress with your decision, we will work hard to get your cash to you as quickly as possible. Our experts will review your circumstances and provide a 100% confidential service, completely free of charge with no hidden costs.

    Depending on your personal circumstances it may be possible to sell your pension, even if you are under the age of 55. So if you want to access a large sum of your pension funds before you reach official retirement age, contact us or complete the form on the right, we can help.

    Free Pension Review

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    Am I eligible?

    Are you still wondering; “am I eligible to sell my pension early?” If so, why not contact us today to receive more information. Find out how much cash you can receive from selling your pension today.